Every day that we solve a problem

for one of our customers, is a success.


From the initial specification through prototypes to mass production, we support you professionally in the development of your customized electronic components and integrated assemblies. With over 38 years of experience in engineering and sourcing, etronics is exactly the right partner for you. 




Passion is key to success. We enjoy waking up every morning and taking on new challenges with passion. 



Where others perceive problems, we conceptualize solutions. As a customer, you can always come to us with a challenging problem. We can then demonstrate that we are able to transform problems into solutions with our own engineering know-how as well as that of our partners. 


Triple continuity

Etronics was founded1977 as a trading company and spin-off of Cargill and evolved into an engineering and sourcing specialist.


We have been working with the same production partners for 10 to 25 years and know their strengths.


Our employees have been working for us for 10 to 25 years and understand the needs of our customers.


Electronic components that we have produced will be available for purchase for several years.  


Electronics solutions that we develop for You, Will Be Available to you for many years

We offer development solutions and sourcing for circuit boards, membrane keyboards, cables, LCDs, touch panels, silicone rubber keypads, cooling systems (water and air coolers), as well as high-voltage and high-power resistors. From the initial idea up to serial production, we will support you with our vast wealth of experience.



We assist our customers with the development and production of circuit boards of all sizes, shapes, and with various materials, surfaces, substances, manufacturing technologies, and sophisticated fine circuit patterns.

Membrane keyboards

Whether decals, a front membrane or an entire membrane keyboard – the membrane keyboards that we manufacture are durable, resistant to mechanical and chemical loads, and repel bacteria. We are glad to advise you on choosing the materials, colors, embossing technique, ergonomics or background lighting. 

Cable assembly

Not all cables are created equal. Etronics assembles individual cables, cable bundles or entire cable harnesses (including contacts, plugs, and wire ferrules) according to your requests. We manufacture data cables of all types, coiled cables, coaxial cables or network cables, etc. – all of which are halogen and/or PVC-free.


We custom manufacture liquid crystal displays (LCDs) of all sizes, resolutions, and technologies according to your specifications. We produce entire display and control units as well as input terminals in combination with our membrane and silicone rubber keypads, as well as touch panels. LED background lighting can always be optionally used as well.

Cooling solutions from DAU

DAU is the leading manufacturer of cooling solutions for resistors and semiconductor components. For 35 years, DAU has relied on etronics to consult with and support customers in Switzerland. We analyze the cooling requirement of your electronic system and recommend the proper air cooler, heat pipe or a vacuum-brazed water cooler with the best possible thermal properties.

Silicone rubber keypads

Silicone rubber keypads are very flexible – even with respect to their design, layout, and touch. You determine the key shapes and colors as well as the size and coating. High-quality raw materials and the same processing ensure quality products. Many of our customers receive their products with special coatings that protect the keyboard from the effects of chemicals and UV exposure.

Touch panels

We develop and manufacture pressure-sensitive and capacitive touch panels as well as complete assemblies with integrated interfaces. If needed, these are also available fully assembled on TFT displays. 

Resistors from EBG

EBG is the leading manufacturer of high-voltage resistors, power resistors, and high-power resistors, which are used in sensitive measuring devices, medical equipment, industrial machinery, and power converters. Etronics has likewise been representing EBG in Switzerland for 35 years. 

Quartz Crystals and Oscillators

Etronics has a broad assortment of quartz crystals. Particularly for products at the end of their life (EOL), you are at the right place with etronics. At etronics, you will find even quartz crystals with special temperature ranges, frequencies, and structural shapes.


Product Gallery


We do not only offer hardware, but also “software” – Therefore we support start-up companies in the electronic branch and carry out inspections at manufacturers.



You have a light up idea which you would like to implement or even more you are thinking already about establishing a company? We will support you with our know-how and our long-term business experience.

Product testing

We will take over acceptances, tests and inspections on site in Asia. On demand, we can also carry out audits at your partners.


Quality is an attitude and does not start in manufacturing, but rather with the initial customer inquiry

Like us, all of our partners are ISO certified. We comply with all conventional standards (RohS, IP), we have modern production facilities and clean rooms, and can manufacture according to diverse test protocols, such as IPC, AQL, and AEC. All of our components undergo functionality tests prior to being shipped. Only in this manner can we meet the high quality requirements of our predominantly Swiss clientele.


It is a sense of achievement for us when we are able to make a customer happy for many years 


We have been working with etronics now for more than 10 years. We value the smooth process – from ordering to the delivery of the ordered components to the desired production site. This collaboration enables us to better and more efficiently use the available resources at Adrenio because etronics completely relieves us from having to process the ordered goods.

Thomas Mühlethaler
Managing Director, Adrenio GmbH

Etronics designs and produces silicone rubber keypads for our oven and steamer. It is reassuring to work with partners such as etronics, which are always committed to achieve the best results for their clients.

Markus Pauger
Strategic Buyer, V-Zug

ABB has been cooperating with etronics for 25 years. We have always appreciated both, products’ quality and their service, as well as were very satisfied with etronics’ OTD performance. We hope to continue this cooperation in the future.

Ewa Zbrozyna
ABB, Category Manager

We are working with etronics since many years. We introduced Kanban in order to make sure that the production can keep on flowing. In our monthly supplier rating etronics is always on top in terms of quality and delivery time. We really appreciate the long-term cooperation and the trust between our companies.

Christoph Gadola
Purchaser, Endress + Hauser Flowtec AG


Our etronics team is always there for you

Carmen Ruckli

the intuitive

As managing director a new challenge awaits me each morning. I find it enjoyable to continually develop etronics by recognizing market opportunities and discovering new ways of being able to make our customers happy.



Thomas Badat

the sprightly guy

Thanks to the daily contact with our customers and business partners I take care of a smooth ordering process. Together with my working colleagues and our long lasting partners we find suitable solutions, especially for technical challenging demands. Satisfying our customers is what inspires me every day.


Eddie Huber

the logistician

Even after 28 years, monitoring incoming deliveries and ensuring that there are always enough goods for the customer in stock and that partial deliveries reach the customer punctually and undamaged is an enrichment.



Aurela Shabani

The commercial apprentice

As an apprentice at etronics AG I am looking forward to the new challenges and to get to know our products, customers and suppliers. I have been integrated into the daily business since day one. That is why I will quickly learn a lot about our business. With our experienced team we will ensure a smooth ordering process for our customers.


Sibylle Jungen

the number cruncher

Numbers are not just numbers. Behind each number in the system is a customer need. Numbers establish the basis for wise financial decisions. It gives me great joy if I can contribute to the satisfaction of customers, employees and partners with my work.



Slobodan Ilic

the professor

As an engineer in the high-voltage sector, I am interested in trains and massive machines in my free time as well. Being thoroughly familiar with the final product helps to understand the customer, to advise him well, and to find the optimal solution for him.



Christof Ruckli

the innovator

As Chief Executive Officer of etronics, I am never bored. Who can claim after nearly 40 years that he is still glad to be CEO? My secret for success is that I always make my decisions for the benefit of the customer. A satisfied customer is a long-term customer.



We would be happy to hear from you

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